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Letter "T" » Tom Collen Quotes
«We wanted to make sure Duffy was tired at the end. We wanted to limit her touches. She might be the best point guard in the league. I don't think she looks at herself as a big-time scorer.»
Author: Tom Collen
«Out of the shoot, we fell prey to a team that was fired up. When I watched them lose to Temple the other night, I knew we were in trouble.»
Author: Tom Collen
«After last game, we needed to get Jazz more into our offense today. She was 12-for-12 from the floor last game and this one she only took seven shots. But our entire offense couldn't do anything against Rutgers. They shut us down.»
Author: Tom Collen
«She's battled at times this year just because she's the focus of attention defensively. And we simply haven't done a good job of getting her the ball. I think at times that has frustrated her.»
Author: Tom Collen
«They have a great atmosphere there. The fans are very exuberant; they?re right on top of you. It?s very loud there. They have a great home-court advantage.»
Author: Tom Collen
«They just set an incredible pace, and want to blow you out in the first five minutes. If you?re not ready to run back in transition, you?re not ready for them to shoot the ball early, and they?re hot, you can find yourself in a hole really, really fast. I think you have to go in there knowing that they have a great home-court advantage, and I think you have to go in there knowing that the game is going to be intense.»
Author: Tom Collen
«Any kid that goes 12-for-12 needs to have 20 shots instead of 12.»
Author: Tom Collen
«When she stepped on the floor, her game went to another level in terms of intensity with a little more focus.»
Author: Tom Collen
«We were very frustrated. As I was sitting watching the Temple-Rutgers game on TV, I was saying, 'Please, Rutgers win.'... I know Vivian and I knew she was going to let them hear about it.»
Author: Tom Collen
«They have every reason to maybe not have as much confidence in themselves. But miraculously, when I let them play through a missed shot here and there, they stay confident. That's why they're out there on the floor.»
Author: Tom Collen

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