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Persuasive Essay

Writing an essay in class is one of the commonly used requirements of most professors to find out how well students are when it comes to writing. You will then be judged as to how good you are with grammar, spelling, and how you organize the content of your essay. But when you are required to do a persuasive essay, you shouldn’t just stick to that criteria. So to give you an idea, here are the following steps on how to write a good persuasive essay.

How To: Persuasive Essay Writing


If you are not given a topic by your professor, you need to think of your own topic which can raise a good argument. Brainstorm until you come up with a good point which will then be the basis of how your essay should flow.


A good persuasive essay requires enough time to do the writing, so do not rush things out if you want an excellent result. And when you think of a topic, pick the one which you strongly agree with or have great interest in. In this way, you will not find it hard to convince your readers.


Your first paragraph must catch your readers’ attention. So start your essay with an attention grabber phrase or line. Refrain from using a question, which is very common in most writings, since it is a critical way to start an essay. And avoid a blog type approach using prepositions such as 'I' or 'you'.


By starting your essay, state your view without being too specific. Just raise your main point or opinion and leave the details on the subsequent paragraphs. And in the last sentence, state your thesis statement, which is the basic idea of your essay. You then need to have a supporting statement, and another sentence that will oppose your own point.


The body of your essay can be at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should cover your thesis statement and should also include other three smaller points to support your main idea. And the last sentence of each paragraph should talk about what is coming up next to have a smooth flow of content.


The last paragraph must be the conclusion, wherein you should reaffirm your points. Make sure that the last sentence will leave the readers with a question, or something they can think over.


Don’t forget to proofread and edit your work for spelling, grammar, and content errors. You can also ask someone to check it. Make it as error-free as possible.

A persuasive essay writing is more abaout persuading the readers on your own opinion of a single topic. It is like preparing for a debate wherein you need to study the given topic for you to have a more established argument. Yet, if you’re having a hard time with this type of essay, just follow the above-mentioned steps on how to write a good persuasive essay.

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